Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled (BHID) is a residential home specially built to create a conducive environment for people with intellectual disabilities and age between 16 and 55 years old. With rooms beautifully decorated with colourful murals, the home provides a community setting which encourages social interaction and training of pre-vocational skills.

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The Intellectually Disabled are people who may tend to learn skills at a slower pace, depending on their types of intellectual disabilities. Hence, instead of thinking that they need help in handling tasks, we can help them to empower themselves by having activities that encourage independence and ownership. 

Thus, at NUS CSC @ Bishan Home, we aim to provide a cosy environment for our volunteers and community members to befriend one another, learn new skills and have fun together. As such, we as volunteers can do our part by raising the public’s awareness of the Intellectually Disabled and help to remove people’s misconceptions about our clients. It is hoped that we do not just paint smiles on our community members and volunteers’ faces, but help to integrate the Intellectually Disabled into our society too.

BHID colouring
Colouring Session
BHID water games
Water Games Day
BHID food-making
Food-making Session


To achieve the objectives above, weekly visits are conducted where the main committee will come up with fun activities with different themes for each regular visit. Volunteers are encouraged to contribute ideas too! Some of the exciting programmes are like art and craft, storytelling, aesthetics, education, life skills, sports and obstacle courses. Reflection sharing sessions are held after every visit to allow volunteers to think and share about their takeaways for the day. Our Facebook page is updated regularly to raise the public’s awareness of the Intellectually Disabled too

We typically play games, do arts and crafts or zumba, just little things to make life exciting for our community members 🙂 since it's covid most of our sessions are held online T-T but we’re very happy to be able to meet our community members all the same!

Guess the Price and Exercise
Folding butterfly origami and phone stand


On top of our regular visits, we conduct festive celebrations (Christmas Day etc.), water games day, food making sessions and major outings where we recruit sub-committee members from our volunteer pool to plan and execute these activities. Not to forget our volunteer appreciation parties held each semester to thank our volunteers for their time and heart volunteering at BHID!

BHID Sea Aquarium
Major Outing at Sea Aquarium
BHID major butterfly and insect kingdom
Major Outing at Butterfly and Insect Kingdom


Volunteering is at the very core of being a human.
No one has made it through life without someone else’s help
- Heather French Henry

At the start, communication with buddies may seem to be a tough job due to the lack of skills to interact with buddies whom may have troubles expressing themselves fluently. However, there is a first time to everything. As long as you persevere with sincerity and the heart to truly know them better, they will slowly warm up to you. There are always senior volunteers around to guide newcomers along too! Never feel shy to ask questions.


We meet up with community members @BHID face to face biweekly 🙂


Hello! This is my first time volunteering at BHID and the sessions have been quite fun so far! Even though it is hard to interact with the community members through a square screen, it is very fulfilling to see that we have put a smile on their faces or see them actively participating in our planned activities such as zumba dancing.
- Rachel, Y2 Life Science

Hello! I have always been interested in better serving the PWID community and volunteering at BHID has been an invaluable experience for me! It was really fun to interact with our community members via art and dance activities!

- Jing Rong, Y3 Real Estate

I recall volunteering with BHID during my secondary school VIA project and we had a great time . We played games with the community members and also performed songs for them. This was pre-covid and was a lot of fun. I was eager to volunteer with BHID again after a fruitful experience. Although this time around it is via zoom , the activities are fun and exciting and we have a great time. Origami and zumba sessions were very memorable.So far it has been a great experience.

- Hema , Y2 Environmental Engineering 
Although interacting with PWID is a new experience for me, it has been a very fun and enriching experience one. At times, it may be difficult to engage them through instructions on a screen. Nevertheless, watching them excitedly showing their artwork to us after painting, or energetically dancing along with the music really makes me feel contented for being able to contribute to their happiness.

- Lakshmi, Y1 Biomedical Engineering


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