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Clementi Youth Sparks (CYS) is a Regular Volunteering Programme conducted in partnership with SHINE Children and Youth Services (Clementi). There are two components to the Realizing Academic Potential (RAP) programme developed by SCS - Night Study and Bookball.

Our volunteers coach secondary school students in their academic work, helping them better prepare for their school examinations and the national exams such as GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level examinations. These youths are at low to medium risk of falling into juvenile delinquency, hence our volunteers aim to instill self-motivation in them by providing encouragement and support in their lives.

what we do

Night study

CYS Volunteer Session (15_8_23)

The Night Study sessions are aimed at providing academic support to the youths in a nurturing and conducive environment. Each volunteer is usually paired with the same student during each session, thus enabling the students to feel more comfortable clarifying their doubts. Apart from helping out with their homework and revision, volunteers gradually build rapport with the students through their weekly interactions.



SHINE Children and Youth Services (Clementi)

329 Clementi Ave 2 #01-248

Singapore 120329

(Near Clementi MRT)


Every Tuesday, 7PM-9PM



The Bookball programme integrates studying and play so as to motivate the youths to commit to the study session prior to the ball games. Volunteers engage the students by first guiding them in their studies, and then playing games together with them. This allows for more interaction and bonding between the volunteers and students, and also serves as a reward for the youths’ efforts in their school work.





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Being a CYS volunteer is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, as it goes beyond imparting academic knowledge, allowing volunteers to witness students' understanding and growth. Contributing to students' development and being part of a difference-making organization is deeply rewarding.

- Ng Xiang Jun, Volunteer
If you are interested in making friends across ages and background, and have a heart to make a change to someone’s life (while doing some revision on your secondary school knowledge), CYS is the place for you!!

- Guo Yichen, Volunteer

As I venture into more regular community service projects such as CYS currently, my mindset has changed in terms of believing in the concept of paying it forward. I strongly believe in it as in our competitive society nowadays, kindness and helping those in need are often neglected.

- Cheong Swee Siong, Volunteer

I think the best part was being able to meet a lot of different students in just that few sessions. But the challenging part was also the fact that I met a lot of students with different personality, coming from different background having to learn to connect with them once again every session.

- Ng Xin Jie, Volunteer


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