Ethelontêr made its debut in June 2004 and is about to enter its 17th year! 

The freshman social camp is named Ethelontêr, or "Spirit of Volunteerism" in Greek. 

As the name suggests, Ethelontêr aims to inspire incoming freshmen, informing them of the volunteering platforms CSC has to offer and to help build an enthusiastic youth volunteering community within NUS.

In addition, Ethelontêr also hopes to facilitate the meeting of like-minded youths, and the forging of meaningful, lasting friendships. Over the past 16 years, Ethelontêr has become one of the club's most crucial projects because a substantial number of freshmen, councillors and members of the Organizing Committees go on to serve the community by participating in the club's Regular Volunteering Programmes (RVPs) and Special Projects (SPs).

E16 Finale Night 
 (Though some of them decided to dress for the beach for whatever reason)
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Ethelontêr XVI took in a capacity of up to 70 freshmen and 70 councillors. The camp took place over 4 days 3 nights where everyone immersed themselves in action-packed programmes and thought-provoking experiences!

Planning of Ethelontêr XVI started in February 2019 with the recruitment of Organising Committee, Key Councillors and Councillors. It is certainly joyous to see many familiar faces from Ethelontêr XV joining and taking up various new capacities - serving as testament to the enduring impact and legacy of Ethelontêr!

In the months that led up to June, the organising committee worked tirelessly reviewing and testing their plans to ensure a flawless orientation experience for the freshmen. Key councillors and councillors also spared no efforts in preparation to welcome freshmen, acting almost as an extension of the committee.

The journey with Ethelontêr XVI kicked off in June with some ice breakers and Internal Hunt, where Orientation Groups (OGs) had a campus wide hunt for stations where exciting and competitive games await! Through the exploration of the campus, freshmen were orientated to the Kent Ridge Campus and also got to break the ice with their fellow OG members. On that night, freshmen met their Special Buddy for the very first time. Buddies whom they would be spending time with over the course of the next few days to get to know each other better!

E16 OC and Councillors



I feel that the Ethelontêr XVI journey has indeed been a challenging but yet wholesome one. In the beginning we had a lot of problems but towards the end, I think we managed to overcome it all and even learn how to tackle the various challenges that come our way. Through Ethelontêr XVI, I also learn how to work with others better as I realise that not everyone has the same working style as me. I truly learnt alot 🙂 Thanks PDs and OC!

- Chen Xi, Assistant Project Director

Ethelontêr XV was the first camp I'd joined in NUS as a freshman and through it I'd experienced volunteering with like-minded individuals. It was also why I'd join as an OC memeber in Ethelontêr XVI, as I was inspired to help create another fun-filled and fulfilling experience for upcoming freshmen! :))

- Shu Ning, Organising Committee

My first experience in CSC was Ethelontêr XVI and I've no regrets joining it. Even though it was tough and tiring as we put in effort to make sur ethe camp was safe, fun and meaningful. It was all worth it when friendships were built, and seeing everyone enjoyed themselves in the camp.

- Si Hui, Organising Committee

One of the biggest takeaway from this camp is the joy of volunteering. During Volunteer Extravaganza, one of the elderly told me that he was very happy that we were there to spend time with them. I realised how our simple act like spending time together with the beneficiaries can make a huge difference to their lives even if it's short.

- Christine, Organising Committee


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