Havenue is a Regular Volunteering Programme that reaches out to patients with life-limiting illnesses under HCA Hospice Care.


Our volunteers visit and befriends our community members at the HCA Hospice every Friday. During these visits, we engage our community members with simple exercises, handicrafts, and games. We also spend time chit-chatting with them. Through this, we get the opportunity to learn very interesting things from the wealth of experiences that they share.

Bingo Activity

Bingo Activity

Bingo Activity (1)

Bingo Activity

Photo with volunteers

Photo with volunteers

We also had special activities for our community members for CNY/Valentines Day where they were able to handmade flowers.

Festive Celebrations

Additionally, we carried out an initiative in collaboration with the Photographic Society of NUS where the community members were able to have fun and keep some photos as a keepsake.

Photography session

Photography session

Photography session (1)
Photography Session



Location: HCA Hospice Care

10 Hospital Blvd, #02-01

@Outram Community Hospital

Singapore 168582

(At SGH, opposite national heart centre)

**There are direct buses to/from NUS (33/143/196/197)


Every Friday

Timing: 1pm - 3pm


I really enjoy visiting our community members as I could interact with them and listen to their personal life stories. I have learnt a lot from them and happy to know that I have brought some positive impact to their lives. Moreover, Havenue has also given me the opportunity to meet new friends from other faculties and with common interests.

- Li Lin, Chairperson

By volunteering with Havenue, I am able to take a short break from my busy schedule and have the chance to interact with the community members and people with common interests. I have benefitted a lot from them and all these volunteering experiences that I have gained are really precious and valuable to me.

- Pamela, Vice-Chairperson

I enjoy volunteering with Havenue as it provides me the chance to interact with the community members and also other volunteers of different age and background. It is really touching and fulfilling to know that the community members also enjoy and look forward to the weekly visitations held by us. Through these interactions, I have learnt a lot from the community members’ experiences and hope to forge closer bonds with them in future visits.

- Cai Tong, Volunteer

Volunteering with Havenue has been very meaningful as we are able to help brighten the lives of the community members and help them to complete daily tasks such as household chores that they may face some difficulty in. Through Havenue, I can now better empathise with the community members and better understand and relate to their problems. I hope to create a stronger bond with the community members by talking and listening to the community members more during the house visits.

-  Kai Jie, Volunteer


Project Havenue Organising Committee


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