At L-derly Befrienders, we coordinate with Thong Kheng Seniors’ Activity Centre (Queenstown) to provide welfare for the elderly living in the one-room rental flats situated at Jalan Bukit Merah.

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During L-derly Befrienders’ regular weekly visits, our volunteers spend a fulfilling time with our elderly. We also keep them company, chat with them about how their week was and get to know them better!

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Our volunteers help to run simple errands for the elderly under our care, from buying packet lunches to checking their letterboxes for them. Our volunteers also accompany some of our elderly on walks and grocery shopping within the residential estate.

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We also make sure to celebrate our elderly’s birthdays!



Other than our regular visits, L-derly Befrienders organizes annual celebrations for festive occasions like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas at Thong Kheng Seniors’ Activity Centre. Through activities such as the seniors’ favourite game of Bingo!, arts and craft and sing-alongs, we are able to foster closer bonds between the elderly and the volunteers as well as provide opportunities for our community members to bond with others in the estate.



Our L-derly Befrienders committee also plans annual major outings for the elderly! This involves visits to local attractions and areas together with our volunteers.



At L-derly Befrienders, we also care for one another! We host volunteer appreciation initiatives and bonding sessions that promote greater unity and closer friendships, so that we can work better as a team to serve our elderly.

Here’s a look at our recent LB bonding session held on Zoom!


As Mother Teresa said, 

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

L-derly Befrienders hopes to bring warmth and make an impact in our community members’ lives through the acts that we do, 

no matter how big or small. So, come join us and be a part of this meaningful Regular Volunteering Programme where you get to make new friends and meet our lovely elderly!


Main Branch

Block 3 Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 150003

Behind IKEA, next to ABC Brickworks Food Centre

How to get there: 

  • From NUS: Take Bus 14, 197, 198
  • From Commonwealth MRT Station: Take Bus 147, 196, 198
  • From Redhill MRT Station: 33, 120
  • Other buses: 14, 123, 153, 197, 855 and 961

Depending on which direction you are approaching from, the nearest bus stops names are Opp Blk 2 (bus stop no. 10131) or Blk 1 (bus stop no. 10139)

Second Branch (NEW!)

Block 123 Bukit Merah View Rd Singapore 151123

How to get there:

  • From opp Tiong Bahru MRT: 5, 123, 195 (1 stop then cross the overhead bridge) 
  • Take buses 5, 14, 65, 120, 123, 195 to Blk 129 Bukit Merah View bus-stop.


Every Saturday, our visits start at 10AM-12PM.

We meet around 930AM at the pavilion/void deck of Block 3!


 L-derly Befrienders has truly expanded my horizons. Our elderly community members tend to be both lonely and economically disadvantaged. Interacting with them has allowed me to better empathise with others, especially because the elderlies’ situation is so different from the average NUS student. Alleviating their loneliness and helping them with daily tasks is definitely not easy. However, their joy at the end of a long day is always the highlight of my LB experience. I still remember one of our community members' happiness when I bought her a birthday cake.

- Thanoosh, Year 3, FASS
During my time at LB, I got to know several of the elderly quite well and also got to know my fellow volunteers better. Initially, it took me some time to click with the elderly but after a while, I felt like I had gained several sets of grandparents. While they are our community members, I also think that we, as volunteers, also gain a lot from them. We learn life lessons, how to connect with people on a deeper level and we learn about the things that really matter like friendship and compassion and good company. That's why I continue to volunteer with LB- to continue seeing the elderly I already know and hopefully to get to know more elderly in the future 🙂

-  Emily Kng, Alumni
What I enjoy the most is seeing how happy the community members are whenever we visit them. What we may think is a simple act can actually bring someone else so much joy and that itself is heart-warming. I also like how the volunteers bond with one another after every visit by having lunch together, because we get to share our meaningful experiences.

-  Michelle Tan, Year 1, Biz
My first visit was a good experience! I have not done house visits before and so it was really eye-opening to see the elderly’s living situation with my own eyes. I’ve found it really worthwhile and meaningful to help the elderly. Though it may not seem much, I hope we can help ease their lives even if it’s just a little bit 🙂

-  Sabrina Tan, Year 1, SDE


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