CSC Day is an annual event organised by NUS CSC to bring together beneficiaries from 3 sectors: Children/Youth, PWID and Elderly/Terminally Ill. Our beneficiaries mainly come from CSC’s RVP organisations as we aim to bridge the gap between CSC and NUS students.


Main Phases

OC Recruitment Period

Internal Publicity Drive - October August
Sector-Based Outings - December
Main Event Day - January


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, CSC Day XVI has been delayed till further notice.

The highlights of the previous iteration are included below!



Entering its 15th year, CSC Day XV – Floresco, has expanded to include an internal publicity drive and Sector-Based Outings, in addition to its traditional one-day event. Our theme is "Flora and Fauna” as we hope to raise awareness for the environment. We hope that our beneficiaries have learnt to appreciate nature and enjoyed themselves, and that volunteers engaged in meaningful interactions and continue volunteering with CSC.

Group shot of Organising Committee at CSC Day XV


Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Siau Wei Hong, Project Director of CSC Day XV

    “Leading an organizing committee was an interesting experience as you had to slowly understand each of the members’ purpose for joining the project. I was glad that i was able to inspire and guide new volunteers in creating such an amazing event where they had to cater to the needs of the different beneficiaries.”

  • By Wee Yu Xuan, Programmes Head of CSC Day XV

    “As a Programmes Head, it has been a fulfilling journey. I am very thankful for my CSC Day XV family's unwavering support and friendship. Hearing from the beneficiaries that they enjoy our programmes and wish to come back for future CSC Day events, is a truly rewarding moment.”

  • By Choo Ting Xuan, Publicity Head of CSC Day XV

    “This project gave me a chance to learn from a different perspective, and to give back in a way different from which I had prior! Being on this project empowered me to actualise my ideas. It also allowed me to know myself better, recognise my weaknesses and actively improve!”

  • By Leo Li Wen, Liaison Assistant of CSC Day XV

    “Through my contribution to the event, I grew to be more patient and considerate of the beneficiaries we invited, such as being thoughtful of their mobility needs and their feelings during the event. Overall, I was glad that I took up this opportunity to be part of CSC Day XV.”