MINDSville@Napiri is a residential home run by the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) to cater to the needs of the intellectually disabled. The home aims to maximize the potential of intellectually disabled persons by helping them to lead a life as independently as possible. On our end, our volunteers gather every Saturday to interact with the residents of the home. Our aim is to help the residents develop motor skills and independent living skills through simple yet fun activities such as art and craft, music, exercise and food preparation


During regular sessions, we usually conduct programmes with a set storyline, accompanied by some simple yet engaging games, storytelling, and dance activities. During special events, we plan similar programmes as mentioned above but with a festive twist to them!

K-Pop dance session with KCIG
NUS-organized Underwater World-themed volunteering session



MINDSville@Napiri, 7 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547533

(In Hougang, behind Bowen Secondary School, near Gracehaven Salvation Army and AWWA).


  • From Ang Mo Kio : Bus service 25, 74, 132, 165
Alight at Blk 634 (Near Bowen Sec) , Hougang Avenue 8 (Bus stop no: 63311)
  • From Serangoon: Bus service 147 
Alight at Blk 634 (Near Bowen Sec), Hougang Avenue 8 (Bus stop no: 63311)

From the bus stop (63311), walk past Blk 634 and Blk 638 and turn left to Lorong Napiri.

  • Take bus service 156 from Seng Kang Interchange or bus service 43 from Punggol Interchange and alight at the bus stop Gracehaven S army (Bus stop no: 64109)

  • Take bus service 103/109 from Serangoon Interchange and alight at the bus stop Opp Gracehaven S army (Bus stop no: 64101)


Every Saturday, 2.30PM – 4.30PM

Regular visits follow the order of:

  1. Funfit 1 (Arts & Crafts and Food Preparation)
  2. Tea break
  3. Funfit 2 (Games and physical activities)
  4. Short debrief for the day’s activities


I really enjoyed my time with MINDSville so far as I find it very fulfilling to see the residents have fun with the programs prepared for them. I had the chance of being involved in the planning for the Christmas session, and it was an interesting experience to be part of shaping ideas for the program and watching them come to life. There are sometimes many things to consider in the planning such as how to achieve a higher chance of active participation from the residents or what kind of gifts will be suitable for the residents. Thus, I learnt a lot about how to filter through our available options or ideas that had been dished out to come to the most appropriate one. I hope to continue learning more under MINDSVILLE and to be part of the meaningful experience of bringing joy to the MINDSVILLE residents.

- Jasmine, Volunteer
I joined MINDSville mainly because I really wanted to take this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, I’ve always wanted to work with people of special needs, especially since they’re often a misunderstood group and are neglected due to their differences. Through volunteering, I hope to create a safe space for the residents while also growing myself by learning how to be more empathetic and understanding. I believe that the time with MINDSville will be truly meaningful with the rapport we’d be able to build and the things I’d be able to learn in the process.

- Shenice, External Chairperson
I signed up to be a part of the planning committee of MINDSville because I really enjoyed volunteering with MINDS previously and would love to continue bringing joy to the beneficiaries in the form of fun weekly engagement sessions. I am looking forward to working with my team and bringing more enriching yet enjoyable activities to the residents at MINDSville throughout the AY!

- Rachel, Internal Chairperson
MINDSville is the first ever volunteering CCA I’ve joined, and it has been such a meaningful experience thus far. I decided to join MINDSville because I wanted to join a co-curricular activity that would allow me to contribute back to society and understand people with needs that may be different from those of mine. Planning and hosting activities for the beneficiaries has been very fulfilling and I especially like seeing the beneficiaries having fun and enjoying themselves!

- Chermaine, Publicity Head




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