Started in 2000, Paint-A-Home aims to improve the living conditions of our community members through the provision of a fresh coat of paint. In PAH, we believe that improving the aesthetic outlook of the community members’ home would improve their standard of living because it is not merely a house, but a home to them- a place where one lives and grows; a place with emotional ties. Through our event, we invite volunteers to join us in making a difference in the community. Over the years, our volunteers have reached out to BHID (2007), Jamiyah Children’s Home (2008), Thong Teck Home for Senior Citizens (2012) as well as rental flats in various regions around Singapore (2009, 2013-2019).




In our 20th iteration, we helped 27 units in Toa Payoh, Holland Village and Bukit Merah. Our community members were the elderly, low-income families, and physically disabled individuals living in one and two-room rental flats. NUS students and external volunteers joined us in painting these homes to give our community members a comfortable clean and refresh living environment.

Organising Committee of PAH XX



PAH has, for me, been an amazing and unforgettable experience. While PAH was tough and tiring at times, it was worth it to see the smiles on our community members' faces at the end of the day. My fellow PDs and OC members were brilliant and this years'success is thanks to all of their hard work. The PAH OC is my CSC family and I would buy them all coffee if I could.

- Ivan, Project Director
PAH is one of the best things that happened this summer because it left me with beautiful memories and friendships. It warms my heart to see the dedication of the OC members and volunteers, from painting the houses to interacting with the community members. It's been a good ride with PAH!

- Ya En, Organising Committee
As I reflect back, the grateful look in our community members' eyes after we painted their houses still hits me hard. I also really appreciate my PAH XX family for being so nice and helpful. Not forgetting to mention my marketing cellmates, who always got each others' backs. Thanks for making my PAH journey a good one.

- Emily, Organising Committee
PAH has no doubt been an eye-opening adventure. While daunting at times, it was an amazing experience with no regrets. I am humbled to have forged friendships with a warm and welcoming OC, and lovely community members. Seeing everyone's smiles after a hard day of work makes it all worth it!

- Sherrie, Organising Committee


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