Project Aspiring our Community of Elderly (ACE) is a regular volunteering project in partnership with Tembusu Senior Activity Centre located at Eunos. We aim to connect NUS with our seniors, by engaging them on a skills-based spectrum through hands-on activities and light exercise. We plan fun interactive in-person sessions for the seniors, doing light exercises, mini-games and skills-based activities such as handicrafts.   


During the sessions, our volunteers come together to conduct fun and meaningful activities for the seniors which includes bingo or zumba and light exercises. Our main goal is to always have a fun and good session with our seniors!

Our Christmas celebration with the seniors!
Making Christmas cards together with our seniors
Fun tablet games to engage our seniors’ minds
Volunteers learning how to play games like Rummy O from our seniors.



Tembusu Active Ageing Centre (Tembusu Senior Activity Centre)

Nearest MRT Statio: Eunos


Every 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month, 10am - 12pm.


Project ACE provides me with an avenue to volunteer with like-minded individuals and spend time with the seniors. It is very meaningful to interact with the seniors and engage in activities such as memory games, arts & crafts, board games, technology lessons as well as light exercises. Encouraging the seniors to be both physically and mentally active is extremely important and valuable. It is also heartening to see how much the seniors enjoy each session and look forward to future sessions with us.

- Celine, Chairperson
For me, I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to interact with elderly from all walks of life and getting to know them on a more personal level. They have troves of life experiences and lessons that I believe most of us can benefit and learn from. It is also extremely gratifying to know that these elderlies are appreciative of our efforts and are constantly looking forward to our next visits!

- Shen Kai, Secretary Treasurer
It was another enjoyable session engaging the seniors with a variety of activities! The online memory games were memorable, as the seniors had to leverage their memory to complete the games. Besides cognitive activities, there were also physical activities where the seniors and volunteers engaged in Zumba together! It always warms my heart to see the seniors smile and enjoy themselves in our sessions 🙂

- Jocelyn, Programme Heads
Volunteering with Project A.C.E is a meaningful experience. It has certainly helped me to developed greater empathy towards the elderlies as well as greater communication skills. I look forward to joining more volunteering work after volunteering with Project A.C.E

- Hui xin, Programm Heads
Project ACE made me realise the importance of senior befriending despite the challenging circumstances as it reminds seniors that we are still there to care for them 😄! One memorable moment I experienced in Project ACE was when I witnessed a senior enthusiastically assisting a fellow senior in completing an artwork. The strong camaraderie between the seniors reinforced the importance of social connections which through volunteering would allow us to further strengthen! 

 I’m also thankful that CSC also organises volunteer befriender workshops to upskill ourselves and provide us with motivation to continue volunteering. Volunteering is ultimately a beautiful journey that is guaranteed to bring surprises, rewards and memories that last a lifetime! 🙂 Thanks Project ACE!!

-  Chris, Volunteer
I enjoy learning about the experiences of the seniors at TSAC because the Singapore they grew up in was very different. They're very youthful and come to TSAC regularly to enjoy the activities and look forward to the programmes A.C.E provides. Also, the food at Eunos is super good!!! Ask them for some food recommendations, you won't regret trying!

-  Siling, Volunteer Management Head


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