Project E.N.JOY, which stands for "Elders Need JOY," is a LEAP Project under NUS CSC. Our purpose is to bring happiness to elderly individuals dealing with dementia, by engaging them with a variety of activities. At the same time, Project E.N.JOY serves as a platform that allows volunteers to build meaningful relationships with elderly participants.


Over the course of five heartwarming sessions, we had the privilege of connecting with seniors from NTUC Health Active Ageing Centre (Bukit Merah View). The sessions included a range of timeless activities, such as Bingo games, creative arts and crafts sessions, sing-along moments featuring their cherished classics, and decorating their very own scrapbooks, filled with treasured memories from all the sessions. For our grand finale, we brought the seniors to the scenic Gardens by the Bay, where excitement peaked with a lively and engaging group photo-taking challenge. It's truly heartwarming to witness the elderly participants thoroughly enjoying these interactions, immersing themselves in the activities while forging meaningful connections with our dedicated volunteers.


The fun and meaningful volunteering sessions helped me gain a better understanding of how to interact with the elderly. I enjoyed the lighthearted chit-chats with them and hope to see more of such opportunities to bring more smiles to their faces!

- Tiffany
Project E.N.JOY has been great fun from start to finish! Knowing the ripple effect I leave behind on the recipients and the larger community has made this experience especially fulfilling for me.

- Dylan
Project E.N.JOY has been a long yet extremely fulfilling volunteering journey for me. It was my first time being in charge of an entire project alongside my two PDs and damn I never knew the amount of work needed to make a volunteering project a success! The biggest takeaway I had throughout the planning and execution of the project was the importance of teamwork and communication with my fellow OC members. With so many moving parts from liaising with the partner organisation to recruiting volunteers it was essential that everyone talked and worked together. My most memorable moment will definitely be our finale session where we brought the seniors out to Gardens by the Bay, seeing them interacting with the volunteers and enjoying themselves made all the time and effort put into this project worth it!

- Darien, Project Director


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