Project In My Heart (IMH)

Project In My Heart (IMH) is a volunteering programme with the Institute of Mental Health, where volunteers will interact with patients through social, recreational and physical activities (e.g. arts and crafts, workshops, physical recreation, etc.).

The Institute of Mental Health Hospital which is an acute tertiary psychiatric hospital housing about 2,000 service users, and is located at Buangkok Green Medical Park. IMH provides a range of evidence-based rehabilitative services varying from occupational therapy, medical social work, to counseling and psychiatric treatments.

The Institute of Mental Health aims to promote mental health and pursue continuous learning and research. By upholding the values integrity, compassion, stewardess, and being user-centric, the Institute of Mental Health resolves to provide the best care to its service users. 


Weekly Volunteering Sessions

Our volunteers engage in weekly volunteering sessions with our service users at IMH. During our weekly visits, we conduct activities based on the demographics and preferences of the service users in the ward. Our activities include origami, colouring, word search, board games, jumping clay, tote bag decorations, and more!


Special Sessions

1. Outing Sessions

We also organize outing sessions where we bring our service users out of the ward for excursions and build closer bonds with our volunteers outside of the ward setting!

2. Themed Events

Our project collaborates with other external IMH organisations like Achievers and NTU, to organize and celebrate festive events with our service users during these special occasions (e.g. Mooncake Festival, Chinese New Year, Christmas)


Our organizing committee organizes mental health-related workshops during the academic semester to raise awareness about the mental health scene in Singapore. This workshop is open to all NUS Students!.


Discussion Groups

We also conduct discussion group sessions for our volunteers to reflect on their volunteering experiences and engage in therapeutic activities to manage self and emotional regulation. In doing so, we hope to establish a tight-knit community for our volunteers to share their individual perspectives comfortably and share their challenges faced during our weekly volunteering sessions. Volunteers can also learn from others on new ways to approach and curb their challenges.


Conference and Training Session

We are collaborating with Care For Life (CFL) to provide conferences and training sessions for our volunteers. We hope to equip our volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge required in this Project.



Main 10 Buangkok View, Buangkok Green, Medical Park, 539747


Every Sunday, 10am to 12pm


It has been such a heartwarming session, I love it so much. I spent time making origami with the service users, coloring and playing memory games with them. We made jokes and had a lot of fun connecting with them. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I am ever grateful for it. Whenever they laugh, my heart feels so warm.

-Audrina, ex-chairperson of Project IMH
I learnt that the service users may not like to do activities that we like and we have to change things on the fly at times, so we must be adaptable and not be afraid of that possibility. I also learnt how building rapport can be easy with them as long as we are willing to take the first step to engage with them.

- Eugene, volunteer
I learnt how to be an attentive listener and be understanding whenever the service user shares the struggle he has to face to allow him to feel that he is in a safe space and also how to ask questions to allow the service user to share more about his passion.

- Dexter, volunteer
I learnt that it’s important in building rapport and making the service users feel comfortable that we treat them like friends rather than possibly treating them like children. Speak to them in more relaxed and friendly tones rather than talking down to them. Those that are more active, whom we interact with more during the activities, are all quite capable. Chatting and doing activities with them should be a reprieve for them to do something interesting and fun.

- Denise Sim, volunteer


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