We are a group of NUS students who are passionate about teaching and music. We organise weekly volunteer sessions with Genesis School to teach the students there with intellectual disabilities. Come join us as a volunteer! NO music background needed!



Project Musicare was a fun and meaningful experience for me! While there were some challenges faced while leading the activities for classes, everyone was willing to help each other out. This experience has not only been a great opportunity to learn how to interact with PWIDs better and be more adaptable to unexpected challenges, but it was also an opportunity to make new friends!

- Yi Jie
Volunteering at Genesis has broadened my perspective on the significant impact and importance of early education for children with special needs. I learnt that every child is unique and special, albeit conditions that may set back their learning capabilities. Rather, it is the responsibility of us educators, to identify the skills of these children and positively reinforce their strengths.

- Moses
Through this volunteering experience, it really opened my eyes to how to engage and interact with people with special needs. Initially, I was afraid, as this was my first time interacting with them. However, it was pleasant and rewarding to see them smiling and playing with the items that we provided them with. Additionally, they also enjoyed playing music by shaking the hand-made shakers and clapping their hands to the rhythms. Surprisingly, they loved to dance to songs that really moved our hearts, and we also danced along with them. Nevertheless, there were some things to take note of, such as their behaviour and emotions during the activities, and we picked up skills on how to handle them from the teachers and caregivers, such as helping them to re-focus on the tasks at hand. It is still remarkable to see our progress over time and get to know them better, which makes this volunteering experience meaningful.

- Li Ting




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