Project Safe Space was initiated to create a safe space for the people around us by raising awareness on mental health struggles and working with beneficiaries with psychiatric conditions, in order to create a more inclusive space for everyone. By raising awareness on the various psychiatric conditions common in Singapore, we hope to also promote the importance of mental wellness. With this, we hope for a greater understanding of mental health, the importance of it, and create a sense of normalcy for anyone who may be struggling with their mental health. 



What We Do

We worked together with Anglican Care Centre (Yishun) to reach out to individuals who were recovering from psychiatric conditions to empower them with important life skills that would aid in their recovery journey. Additionally, we also raised awareness on common psychiatric conditions in Singapore via our Instagram page (@nuscsc.safespace) in hopes of debunking any mental health myths and promote the importance of mental wellness.

Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Clara, Project Director

    “I started my CSC journey as a volunteer. When I heard about LEAP, I wanted to initiate a project that worked with individuals who were recovering. My favourite memory was befriending the beneficiaries. We would play Mahjong with them and those sparked fun conversations. I always left the centre feeling satisfied. As a project director, I had a fruitful experience leading my organising committee. We worked well together and I was grateful to meet like-minded individuals who were just as passionate about mental health as I was.”

  • By Celia, Assistant Project Director

    “While the COVID situation worked unfavourably for us, the lively interactions that I have made with the beneficiaries, meaningful conversations with the OC were some of the many takeaways. It was heart-warming to see like-minded individuals take time out of their summer breaks to extend a hand and provide a safe space to the vulnerable mental health community.”

  • By Lydia, Organising Committee

    “Project Safe Space was a growth-inducing experience; it endeared me to the aunties and uncles at Anglican Care Centre, it helped me forge precious bonds of friendship, and, most importantly, it taught me empathy and compassion.”

  • By Grace, Organising Committee

    “I really enjoyed going down for physical volunteering as it allowed me to interact with the beneficiaries directly and seeing that they enjoyed the session was a really meaningful and heartening experience for me!”

Committee Members

Safe Space AY21/22 Committee Picture