project savvy

Project savvy is a LEAP project that aims to bridge the digital divide. We hope to empower the elderly and eliminate their fears of learning technology.

what we do

Project Savvy provides free smartphone tutorials for the elderly in Hannah Senior Activity Centre every Saturday morning. We cover a wide range of mobile functions, from everyday useful apps such as e-payment to entertainment apps such as Youtube and Mewatch.


It was my first time leading a volunteering project and I am really fortunate to be working alongside people who share the same passion in the cause. Apart from honing my leadership skills, I’ve gained valuable lessons such as being a better communicator, overcoming hiccups and reminding myself to trust the process. Seeing the smiles of the beneficiaries from our sessions gave me a sense of fulfilment unlike any other projects that I’ve taken on.

- Videa Goenadie, Project Director
Through my experience in CSC, I have learnt how to empathise more with the seniors to plan activities that would really engage and benefit them. I have also learnt to identify gaps from current efforts to improve the senior’s digital literacy. My favourite memory from project savvy was when we played gartic phone and apparently our PDs are going to treat us pizzas! Overall, I’m thankful for this short and great journey with such an amazing bunch of people in project savvy!!

- Ruth Chong Jie Ning, Programmes Member

My favourite memory from this project is seeing the volunteers and beneficiaries having a lot of fun, laughing and actively participating. Through this project, I was able to interact with many different people, which helped me to improve my communication skills.

- Eve Wang, Volunteer Management Head

Project Savvy is the 1st community service project I joined in university and I had such a wonderful time meeting new friends and clarifying the doubts that the elderly has with technology! The feeling of being able to contribute back to the community and putting a smile on their face is priceless and it just makes you want to volunteer more and help others whenever and wherever you can!

-Giam Ze-Min Giles, Volunteer