SO-NUS is a Regular Volunteering Programme (RVP) under NUS CSC. We partner with Special Olympics Singapore(SOSG) and work with Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWID) under their Athlete Leadership Program. We aim to facilitate fun and unique activities for the Athlete Leaders, and provide opportunities for interaction between NUS volunteers and them.


In AY20/21, we held an Amazing Race at the Botanic Gardens, where our volunteers got a chance to bond and interact with the athletes from SOSG!


Training session for our volunteers

We are honoured to have SOSG in NUS to introduce SOSG to our volunteers. We get to know more about SOSG’s mission and understand more about the athlete leaders. It was an inspiring and informative talk. Our volunteers also participated in activities which helps us to empathise with the challenges that the athlete leaders faced.

training session by sosg

Bonding session with Athlete Leaders from SOSG

As COVID-19 measures have finally relaxed, we managed to organise our first face-to-face session with our Athlete Leaders in two years. In our first meeting in AY22/23, we played Captain’s Ball together at the UTown Green. In addition, we played icebreaker games and engaged in personal conversations to get to know each other better. It was a successful first meeting between our volunteers and the Athlete Leaders.

captain ball

Beach clean-up

In December 2022, we organised a beach clean-up activity with our Athlete Leaders at East Coast Park. Our volunteers and Athlete Leaders got the opportunity to do good together. At the same time, we learned about the importance of keeping the environment clean. In this activity, we managed to collect 32 kg of rubbish! We thank Green Nudge for joining us in making this event a success!

Beach clean up

Financial Literacy Workshop

A financial literacy workshop was conducted for the athlete leaders. The trainer taught the athlete leaders on financial literacy knowledge such as knowing how to identify financial scams and management of finances. It was a meaningful and informative session for everyone who attended.

Financial literacy workshop photo


Our overarching goal is to aid in the holistic development of our friends with intellectual disabilities and to foster healthy bonds between community members and volunteers. Moreover, we hope to dispel negative attitudes and celebrate our common human spirit!


If you are a like-minded individual that has the same passion and goals as us, 

we gladly welcome you to SO-NUS! 🙂


Within and outside NUS


Once or twice a month during term

10am-12pm on Saturdays


The most memorable part about the beach clean-up activity is when Athlete Leaders and volunteers banded together to extract the white woven sacks from the beach. Everyone was set on the common goal and was trying their hardest, despite the hot sun, to help each other clear as much trash as possible. It made me feel quite proud of my volunteers and our group of Athlete Leaders.

- Zacharee (Volunteer Management Head)
Prior to engaging with the Athlete Leaders, I do have slight concerns that I may not be able to hold meaningful conversations with them since I don't volunteer in the PWID sector often. However, it was heartening to see that they are generally friendly and open people to talk to. Further, the training workshop conducted by Special Olympics Singapore (SOSG) has equipped us with useful knowledge and tips on how to better engage with the Athlete Leaders!

- Xu Hui (Chairperson (External))


SO-NUS CSC webpage members committee photo


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