PROJECT wellderly

Project Wellderly aims to improve the mental health of seniors through incorporating social, psychological, physical and environmental dimensions of mental wellness in our engagement with them. Our secondary aim seeks to raise awareness about mental wellness amongst our beneficiaries, partner organisations, volunteers and committee members.


We plan and execute programmes centred on improving the mental health of seniors. We curate a series of activities for our weekly volunteering sessions at TOUCHpoint@AMK 433. Within the organising committee, we seek to improve our mental health as well through regular journaling and other mental wellness activities. Lastly, we also capture the memories made in the form of photos and promote our project on our social media platforms.


Talking with auntie uplifted my spirit. It was fulfilling to see auntie happy with her tote bag. Auntie was posing with her bag and taking pictures with it. She seems to have really enjoyed the experience and that made it rewarding for me as a volunteer. It was also great to have the opportunity to paint and mix colours along with auntie. Haven’t done it in a long time but it was a relaxing and fun experience.

- Tzu Zheng, Programmes-Logistics (Physical)
Today’s session was really fulfilling! I looked forward to the session as it is an extremely busy period for me and I’ve been stressed out with other commitments. It’s been a while since I last volunteered and I was reminded of why I started volunteering many years back - to serve the community and empower the beneficiaries. Mdm Yeo and I had a great time chatting and laughing while painting the tote bag today. It warmed my heart to see her enjoying the process and being so proud of her work. Her bubbly character brightened up my Saturday morning! I can’t wait to see Mdm Yeo again!

- Ya En, Programmes-Logistics (Environmental)




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