Volunteers Igniting Change through Empowerment (VoICE) was establish in March 2020, to facilitate social integration of migrant workers into Singapore's society and spark conversations amongst NUS students on the idea of inclusion of the 'Other'. VoICE aims to partner with volunteers to work with migrant workers to have their voices heard and their contributions acknowledged by Singaporeans.


What We Do

At the heart of the programme is a commitment to recognise the dignity of migrant workers through collaboration and shared participation to the best of our capability.

We have held a focus group discussion with our fellow NUS students, discussing the various struggles migrant workers face. We are very honored to have guest speakers from Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) and Archdiocesan Commission for the Pastoral Care of Migrants & Itinerant People (ACMI)

We are developing a card game that aims to cultivate empathy in players to create and maintain empathy bridges which would facilitate open conversation between Singaporeans and migrant workers progressively.


Volunteers' Thoughts

  • By Hong Kai, Chairperson

    “I hope that our card game will get Singaporeans to listen to and engage with the voices of the migrant workers' community.”

  • By Ryan, Chairperson

    “I hope that our card game will promote empathy and bring across the value of being more inclusive when considering who is part of our community.”

  • By Jing Fei, Programmes

    “I hope our card game would be able to let players understand the struggle of migrant workers, and take positive actions for the migrant worker community!”

  • By Guo Xian, Volunteer Management

    “I hope the card game would enable its players to better understand the struggles of fitting into a foreign environment and culture to better empathise and motivate them to do more for our migrant worker community.”

  • By Nicole, Creative Director

    “Through this card game, I hope that we can help others understand more about migrant workers, as well as break down the barriers between migrant workers and society.”

  • By Dorcas, Creative Director

    “I hope that through playing our card game, greater awareness of the migrant workers scene in Singapore can be raised, and conversations on how society has to come together to better their welfare can be sparked.”


Come Join Us!

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